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Understanding My Sewer Bill

How is my sewer bill and usage determined?

BillSewer Bills are determined by the amount of water shown on your water meter.

Why is my Sewer Bill Higher than my water bill?

Simply put, treating wastewater is much more expensive than treating drinking water. Your wastewater bill amount is determined by the amount of water you use. The reasoning is that water you use at home generally goes through the Somerville wastewater treatment plant. Exceptions would be water used watering a garden or lawn, washing a car, and so forth. But the vast majority of residential water used ends up at the treatment plant. Calculating wastewater billing based on water usage is standard to the wastewater utilities industry. To actually put a meter on the wastewater is even more expensive. Solids in wastewater will not pass through a meter unless pretreated (such as grinding and liquefying) before it goes through the meter. Therefore the most cost effective method for the customer is to calculate the wastewater bill using water usage as a guide.

Sewer Rates

Customer Charges

     ¾ inch meter     $24.00

      1 inch meter     $40.00

      2 inch meter     $128.00

      4 inch meter     $700.00

      6 inch meter     $900.00

Plus $1.55 per 1,000 gallons of water used.