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University of Tennessee Martin Somerville Center

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Somerville native, Kara Waddell Tapp has been hired as the Director of the University of Tennessee Martin Somerville Center. Ms. Tapp's goal is to make the Somerville Center the most successful Center that UT Martin offers. Somerville is the fifth outreach location that UT Martin operates in West Tennessee with schools in Selmer, Ripley, Jackson, Parsons and now Somerville. Ms. Tapp's office is currently located in the UT Martin Somerville Center located at 214 Lakeview Road, Somerville. Her office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Call (901) 465-7313 or (901) 489-2538 for information.  
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The UT Martin Somerville Center opened on August 28, 2017. The UTMS Center currently offers 9 degree programs with additional opportunities on main campus. Beginning level classes for all degrees offered by UT Martin may be taken at the Center. High School students may also attend the Center as Dual Enrollment students at no charge. Juniors and Seniors may qualify to take college level courses and graduate High School and enter college as a Sophomore or Junior. Many scholarships are available to attend the UTMS Center and in many cases, the student can pay virtually nothing and receive a University education. Call Kara Tapp for additional information on enrollment and scholarship opportunities. 

Check out this overhead view of the renovated UTM Somerville Center:

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IN ONLY ONE YEAR, UT Martin has paid off almost half of the Town of Somerville’s loan for renovation of the UT Martin Somerville Center. From July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018, UT Martin paid the Town of Somerville $250,000 in rent payments of which $50,000 went directly into the town’s General Fund budget to maintain the building. The other $200,000 went to paying down the loan. Additionally, the University of Tennessee Foundation collected $81,391 in private donations which were donated specifically in the name of the UT Martin Somerville Center. UT Foundation sent the designated funds to Somerville in June 2018. The Fayette County Government also paid the agreed funding of $50,000, which will also went to paying down the loan from renovations.

The UT Martin Somerville Center enrollment is SOARING with students coming from Arlington, Bartlett, Bolivar, Brownsville, Collierville, Middleton, Oakland, Piperton, Rossville and Somerville. The UT Martin Somerville Center’s enrollment has grown from a total student population of 114 in the fall of 2017 to almost 200 expected in the fall of 2018. Due the overwhelming success of the center in such a short period of time, other educational institutions have expressed interest in leasing space in the Center from UT Martin which includes Hope Works, Fayette Literacy, the National Guard and Southwest Community College. High schools working with UT Martin to provide educational opportunities for their students include Arlington, Fayette Academy, Fayette-Ware, Hardeman County and Haywood County.

After only one semester of taking “Dual Enrollment” classes at the UT Martin Somerville Center, ACT scores for most students have substantially increased. Three individuals in particular have shown dramatic improvement. Student 1 increased their comprehensive score from 30 to 33 while their Math score increased from 23 to 29. That’s a 26% increase after taking one math class. Student 2 increased their comprehensive score from 25 to 29 while their reading score increased from 26 to 31. That’s an increase of 19% after taking one reading class. Student 3 increased their comprehensive score from 23 to 27 while their Math soared from 18 to 26. That’s a 44% increase after taking one math class.

The UT Martin Somerville Center is changing the lives of students all around us by giving them the gift of education. Higher ACT Scores open doors to scholarships that would not have been available to them. Hope Scholarships, Pell Grants and other funding opportunities allow them to take classes at the Center for free or virtually free. Students taking Dual Enrollment courses while still in High School could enter college as Sophomores, reducing the time and expense required to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree.

For information about classes available to you or your children, call UT Martin Somerville Center’s Director, Kara Tapp at (901) 465-7313 or stop by and talk to her in person at 214 Lakeview Road, Somerville, Tennessee.