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Town Cemetery

Cemetery EntranceThe Town of Somerville owns and maintains the municipal cemetery, located off of Highway 64 on Somerville Street. The Cemetery was established c. 1829 (although the sign says 1838) and is full of history. 
The cemetery is a cherished public space, created out of devotion, pride and remembrance. With the continued assistance of family members, visitors and historians, we can maintain an unobstructed, clean, litter-free site.

Purchase a Plot

To purchase a plot , general information or a concern, please contact city hall at 901-465-9500. 

Find a Grave
To find a grave or information about the cemetery please contact city hall at 901-465-9500.
Also you can utilize the following link to look up information. The Town of Somerville has no affiliation with this website nor can they guarantee the information but it may provide some information and interesting facts concerning the cemetery. 

Find a Grave

Monument Restoration and Cemetery Fund

We are thrilled with the work Crone Memorials has completed on the first round of historic monument preservation at the Town of Somerville Cemetery! If you have a family monument in need of repair, please contact Kevin Williams with Crone Memorials at 901-774-5653.